Toasted Quinoa Salad With Grilled Halloumi And Herbs (Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Fructose Free)

Toasted Quinoa Salad With Grilled Halloumi, Fresh Herbs And Tahini Dressing (low FODMAP, low Fructose, Gluten-Free) // mit gegrilltem Halloumi, Kräutern und Tahini-Dressing (vegetarisch, gluten-frei, fructosearm) //

Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Grilled Halloumi, Herbs And Tahini Dressing (Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Fructose Friendly, Low FODMAP) // culprits: Black tahini and coconut butter! The victims: Two broken kitchen machines in less than a week, one of which wasn’t even mine.

After destroying two tools in such a short period of time, I had to ask myself whether I

a) own the wrong tools,
b) live in the wrong country or
c) should stay away from ‘fancy recipe’-land for a change?

Why? Because I keep thinking, this “Braun/Magic Bullet”-dilemma wouldn’t have happened with a Vitamix. And would I have been in Germany instead of Istanbul at the time, I most likely would have simply picked up ready-made coconut butter or tahini at the nearest health food store instead of bothering to make it from scratch. Leaving us with c) and the realisation that too much of Pinterest’s rainbow-cake-wonderland-inflow can be destructive at times. …

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Review: Fructose Friendly, Vegan Coconut Ice Cream By Mailorder

Fructose Friendly, Vegan Coconut Ice Cream By Mailorder // once I’m taking the back seat. Instead of letting my own voice do the talking, I asked my lovely sister Derya to write the very first guest post on Fructopia. Usually busy studying and shooting YouTube videos, Derya loves to spend most of her leisure time in the kitchen developing sneaky little sugar free treats. Naturally she was my first choice to review a new fructose friendly and refreshing treat for you: Coconut ice cream! Unfortunately this product is only available in Germany for now. We didn’t want to deprive you of these gorgeous images though. That’s why I’m sharing my translated version of her write-up with you here. Enjoy!

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My Morning: The Whitest Cake Alive

My Morning: A chat with Sonja from "The Whitest Cake Alive“ about her fructose free morning routine // Im Interview: „The Whitest Cake Alive“-Bloggerin Sonja über ihre zuckerfreie Morgenroutine in Stuttgart! //

Among German food bloggers there are common word jugglers and downright stars such as today’s guest and main attraction of the “Croation-Swabian State Circus”. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to ...

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My morning: Healthy Happy Steffi

Interview Series: Healthy Happy Steffi on gluten and sugar free life // Interviewserie: Bloggerin Healthy Happy Steffi über ihren gluten- und zuckerfreien Morgen! //

Morning journal, meditation, oil pulling, breakfast recipes: Lately nothing fascinates me more than the art of starting the day in beautiful and productive fashion. The possibilities are endless. It ...

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5 surprising ways to use coconut oil

5 Gründe warum Kokosöl in euer Küche nicht fehlen darf! // 5 surprising ways to use coconut oil! // by

Before we jump into today’s post, I’d like to talk about money for a second. Some of the links in this post are so-called affiliate links. You are most likely familiar with this already, but let me ...

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Kitchari: Guts Healing Rice Bowl

Heal your guts with this fodmap friendly ayurveda rice bowl // Fructosefreies Heilfasten mit ayurvedischem Kitchari //

There may have been few signs of it lately on FRUCTOPIA, but don’t be fooled, fructose malabsorption still plays a major role in my life. While I sometimes feel as though the symptoms are not worth ...

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Sweet Parsnip Bread

Fructosefree Christmas bread with parsnips // Pastinaken-Weihnachtsbrot ohne Fructose und ohne Weizen //

Seeing lettuce heads hanging low, mere pale shadows of their former selves, while all the iridescent and plump berries have retired to the freezers emphasizes the writing on the wall: Winter in Turkey ...

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Purple basil lemonade

Fructose Free Basil Lemonade #sugarfree #fructosefree #fructosemalabsorption // Lila Basilikum-Limonade #ohnezucker #fructosearm #fructoseintoleranz //

Most of my recipes are a byproduct of me going nuts at the weekly farmers markets, buying more produce than I can handle. That’s why recipes such as this rainbow salad, which are designed to taste ...

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