Purple basil lemonade

Fructose Free Lemonade #sugarfree #fructosefree #fructosemalabsorption // Lila Basilikum-Limonade #ohnezucker #fructosearm #fructoseintoleranz // Fructopia.de

Purple Basil Lemonade #sugarfree #fructosefree #fructosemalabsorption // Lila Basilikum-Limonade #ohnezucker #fructosearm #fructoseintoleranz // Fructopia.deMost of my recipes are a byproduct of me going nuts at the weekly farmers markets, buying more produce than I can handle. That’s why recipes such as this rainbow salad, which are designed to taste amazing, while coincidentally using up as much food as possible, are clearly among my favorites.

Today, instead of salad, I present you this basil lemonade.

Um, is that supposed to be tasty? Yep, very much so!

Purple basil, or thai basil, is vibrant in color and dulcet in taste. Add fresh lemon juice, powdered glucose and a pinch of anise, and you are set to go. It reminds me of ‘şerbet’, the refreshing, yet absurdly sweet lemonade from Ottoman times, that is still popular in Turkey to this day. But don’t worry, my blend is hardly as sweet.

It’s the perfect drink to ask summer for another extension. 

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